Miscellaneous Matlab scripts

power_spectrum.m: Create power spectrum estimate using either (i) periodogram, (ii) averaging over frequency bands, or (iii) Thompson multi-taper method.

corr2.m: Compute linear correlation in which the p-value accounts for autocorrelation in the records.

regress2.m: Compute linear regression in which the confidence interval accounts for autocorrelation in the records.

lowpass_filter.m: Smooth a time series with a low-pass filter. Can use either (i) simple fft filter, (ii) Butterworth filter, or (iii) Chebyshev filter.

contour_fill.m: Fill a contour region with a specified color. Similar to contourf, except that the shading is a color you specify rather than using the current colormap. Can be used, for example, to fill land regions on a map with gray shading.

ncload2.m: Load variables from a netCDF file. Syntax and functionality is based on ncload.m from the old "NetCDF Toolbox", but this script uses the native Matlab netCDF functions introduced in version R2010b.

pcolor2.m (pcolor interface): Make a "pseudocolor plot" of a matrix, but unlike pcolor which drops the last row and column, plot the entire matrix and assume the locations given are mid-points of the grid boxes (pcolor assumes they are corner points).