Graduate Students

Emma Beer
Idealized models of sea ice and the Arctic Ocean

Shantong Sun
Role of Southern Ocean in global ocean circulation; glacial ocean circulation


Till Wagner, former postdoc working on sea ice stability as well as icebergs, now assistant professor of physics & physical oceanography at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Erica Rosenblum, former graduate student (co-advised with Sarah Gille) working on Antarctic and Arctic sea ice trends as well as the Arctic Ocean mixed layer, now postdoc at University of Manitoba.

Rebecca Dell, former postdoc working on icebergs in glacial oceans, now AAAS Science Policy Fellow at U.S. Department of Energy.

Former co-advised projects: Kristina Pistone (former PhD student working on Arctic satellite observations), Linghan Li (former PhD student working on regional sea ice variability), Aneesh Subramanian (former postdoc working on sea ice and global precipitation).